Bring Your Business, Your Life and Your Legacy Together

with Full Circle Accounting

Investing in real estate is a team sport. You need a good tax expert as a guide to be sure that you are making the most of all of the tax advantages available to you as a real estate investor. Minimizing your taxes allows you to keep more of your own money and build your wealth more quickly. Taking a proactive approach in your tax planning is crucial to achieving your real estate investment goals.


Whether you are experienced in real estate syndications, fix-and-flips, real estate development or are investing in your very first single-family residence, we are here to help you formulate your strategy. Gain leverage working with experts who speak your language and understand your needs. When it comes to competitive advantage, our proactive tax planning lets you keep more of your own money and increases the return on your investment.

Our seasoned leadership has been in the business world for a long time, working with many construction and real estate companies, in many situations and many economies. For that reason, Morrison, Clark & Company leaders possess more than financial wisdom, they possess business wisdom which they happily share.

Full Circle Accounting starts with a review of your current entity ownership structure and tax strategy to give us a true picture of where you stand. We’ll then identify areas to improve upon for enhanced growth, asset protection and return on investment.


Let us take your real estate business and investments beyond just filling out tax forms and reporting your history. Your real estate investment goals lead to fulfilling your life goals and are an integral part of our Full Circle Accounting process. They go hand in hand. Together we can prioritize your goals, clarify your wants and needs, structure your investments to streamline the compliance process and work with your attorney to provide for asset protection. It’s all about helping you achieve your goals and dreams.


You can’t take your real estate investments with you, so if you haven’t yet thought about succession planning, now is the time. You’ve built a legacy that should live beyond you. Let us educate you on your succession plan options. We will work alongside your attorney to structure and manage your transfer plan.