Busy Working In Your Business Rather than On It?

Need a little outside perspective when it comes to finance and profitable operations?
Morrison, Clark & Company has decades of business building experience and wisdom that we can put to use for you. Let us review your current business financials and operations.
You'll be very glad you did!

Did You Know?

  • Adopting a construction specific chart of accounts can give your construction company the means to have an accurate job costing and cost control system. Morrison, Clark & Company can implement a tested and proven Chart Of Accounts (COA) as a first step to improving profitability.
  • You have the ability to increase net profit without increasing revenues. We teach “Brutal Cost Recapture” of both direct and indirect costs, enabling you to align the company from estimation to accounting and challenge each of the costs incurred for efficiency, value and reasonableness.
  • Structuring a family of companies can help you save taxes, save more for retirement and build financial strength. Complexity breeds opportunity and allows you to take full advantage of the tax code for your benefit.
  • A first-rate Performance Management Plan is the key to creating an engaged and aligned workforce. Without one, your organization could lose more than just time and money – you could lose knowledge, employees and, in the end, your competitive edge. Morrison, Clark & Company can guide you in implementing a plan that measures and rewards the abilities of your workforce to meet and exceed goals.

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