Internship Experience
Sara, 2016 Morrison, Clark & Conover CPAs Intern


Interning with Morrison, Clark, and Conover was a wonderful opportunity, that provided me with amazing accounting experience. This program is unique because the interns get a chance to work with both the financial team and the tax team. The size of MCC also contributed to the experience. Working in a smaller firm provided me with so many responsibilities, and made my internship feel more meaningful.

My first five weeks were spent on the financial side helping with financial statement review. I got to help on a number of clients, and I was given the independence to work on a majority of the work-papers alone. Although I had the chance to figure out stuff on my own, whenever I was stuck or needed help with something, everyone was willing to help and teach me. I had hands on experience, and was able to see a client from start to finish. Having so much responsibility really made me feel like I was part of the team, and that the work I was doing was important. I had the opportunity to work with long term debt contracts, calculating like-kind exchanges for fixed assets, balancing cash flows, drafting the footnotes, and so many more components of a financial statement review. Every task I was given I knew was direct work for the client and was required to finish the review, so I never felt like I was simply doing busy work.

After five weeks on the financial side, I worked five weeks on the tax side of the firm. Having minimal experience with tax, it was really fun to jump in head first with everything they do. I saw how to fill out business tax returns, personal tax returns, amended tax returns, and what goes into the various steps of tax planning. Once again I was presented with a lot of responsibility and countless resources when I needed help. My favorite part about working with the tax team was the opportunity to attend the team meetings. In addition to the typical business that is discussed at the staff meetings each meeting there is a presentation updating everyone on some aspect of tax law. I personally thought it was really awesome that the team is always looking to learn something new and improve themselves.

Overall the program was absolutely amazing. In addition to all of the work I did with the financial and tax teams, every Thursday the interns would all get together for a “lunch and learn” to learn business skills to improve as a professional. We learned about building a network, making a commitment to quality, using your time wisely, and how to become a high yield, low maintenance firm member. Each week I would look forward to the “lunch and learn” knowing I was going to learn something new to improve myself. In addition to the presentations we watched, we also read a book together, David H. Maister’s, True Professionalism. The book was amazing and a majority of it was extremely applicable to improving my experience here at MCC, and anywhere else I work in the future.

Finally, the best part about the intern program was the two round-tables we had with MCC clients. Both of the clients that we had the opportunity to meet were extremely smart, inspiring, kind, and business savvy. They provided us with advice on how to provide the best service for a client, and how to be the best at what we are doing in general. Hearing directly from a client what they want to see in their accountants was very informative and I will keep in mind for the rest of my career. What I will miss most after I leave MCC to return to school is the people. The atmosphere and attitude here was extremely positive, and every single person here made the interns feel welcome and important. I never felt intimidated by any of the staff, and I knew I could go to anyone in the firm and ask for help. It was an awesome summer, and experience I couldn’t get anywhere else!