Intern Experience
Tyler Christensen, 2021 Morrison, Clark & Company Accounting Intern

My time at Morrison, Clark & Company has been nothing short of stellar. Since I arrived, the staff has been sincerely friendly and professional. Everyone has plenty of expertise in the field. The workplace environment is pleasant, and it helps to bring in an atmosphere that encourages top-notch work and improvement.

At the office, I’ve had many opportunities to expand my skillset as a future accountant. Working alongside the staff members has given me not just a peek into the accounting world, but an entirely new perspective of what peak performance looks like. Staff are driven by the culture of Morrison, Clark & Company to always be learning more about their fields, and they take that aspect of their work seriously. I admire their commitment to mastery, and I hope to take that fire with me as I continue career.

Most of all, Morrison, Clark & Company is a company of values. Staff are expected to act with a high moral attitude, an absolute must of the accounting world. They display this in the way that they interact with each other, how they lift each other up, and even how they carry themselves when they are away from the workplace. They come together in a way that makes the whole much greater than the sum of its parts.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend this firm. The accounting services that the firm provides are extremely beneficial and meaningful to the world of business.


Tyler Christensen
Accounting Intern