Intern Experience
Kristin, 2016 Morrison, Clark & Company CPAs Intern 

My internship with Morrison Clark and Company benefitted me in a variety of ways. This internship offers more than most with the unique opportunity to experience both tax and financial accounting. The work itself was eye-opening. They showed me the bigger picture of accounting services by allowing me to work on a project from start to finish. This experience ranged from tax research to preparing returns, and work papers to drafting statements. The training itself was extensive, but easy-to-follow. They put plenty of time in making sure we understood the software and the accounting (specifically in the construction industry).

Not only did this internship show me what it is like to apply accounting to real companies, but it introduced me and my fellow interns to clients. We had roundtables with the owners of two separate construction companies.  These clients shared their life stories, the hassles of owning their own business, and the affect this firm has on their lives. The best part about this internship is the sense of value this firm gives the clients. Too often we only see the financial impact of these services, but here I saw the client’s look of relief when they described their relationship with the firm.

One vital aspect of this experience is the people. While I am sure wherever you work there will be some good people, this firm has great people throughout. Very approachable individuals make up the management team here, and even as an intern I have been able to ask managers and partners for help. To learn directly from these intelligent accountants is an incredible privilege all of us interns were privy to.

Overall, this internship was more than I expected. I learned more about accounting than I realized there was, and I met some great people as well. Morrison Clark and Company is built of friendly and intelligent staff and I am so grateful for this learning experience.