Intern Experience
Brooke, 2016 Morrison, Clark & Company CPAs Intern 

Throughout my time in the internship program at Morrison Clark and Company I  gained valuable insight into the profession of accounting. This internship was an amazing opportunity to dive head first into not only the financial side of accounting but also the tax side. I was given a broad range of tasks to do during the internship including, but not limited to, completing financial reviews, attending a client-site audit, completing a tax plan as well as filing both individual and business tax returns. This aspect of being able to get a taste of both financial and tax accounting was highly beneficial to me because it allowed me to discover what area of accounting I have a passion for.

Morrison Clark and Company fully supports and encourages professional development through activities such as guest speakers, book discussions, a one-on-one lunch with a firm partner and more. I really felt that Morrison Clark and Company was on board with making sure I can be the very best version of myself possible.

The culture at Morrison Clark and Company encourages a strong sense of teamwork to the point where everyone feels like family. They go above and beyond making sure everyone is taken care of not only in the office but on the outside as well. Everyone on the team has a passion for accounting and it is very exciting to find people who are beyond ecstatic to come to work every day and leave satisfied every night.

It is important to find a firm that makes you happy and feel valuable. I was able to find that here during my time at Morrison Clark and Company. I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with these outstanding professionals and would highly encourage anyone looking for a career in accounting to seek out Morrison Clark and Company. You will not be disappointed!