Intern Experience
Tyson, 2014 Morrison, Clark & Company CPAs Intern

I had a great experience during my internship at Morrison Clark & Company. I gained valuable experience and insight into what a professional work environment is really like. I was exposed to a broad range of assignments in both tax and audit. This helped me learn what I like and dislike about each discipline, and was ultimately of critical influence as I made my own career decisions.

The culture at MCC is very friendly and flexible. The staff regularly interact with everyone from fellow staff to partners. The people are smart and good at what they do. They were willing to teach me and help me understand the big picture related to the projects I worked on. I was able to work on projects that actually provided value to the client. There was a great balance between independence and support, and MCC had confidence in me to deliver an important service to the client.

I am very grateful for all that I learned. Overall, my time at MCC was fun and educational, and I could not have asked for a better opportunity.